Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a Great Indian politician

26 مرداد 1397
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Yesterday afternoon, Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed away, so I want to say condolence to all my Indian friends who were Vajpayee’s fan, and India as a biggest democracy in the world, which have so many lesson to learn to the humanity as:

Tolerance, nonviolence, secularism, diversity, pluralism, love, hard-working, literature, coexistence, pro-environmental ideology, Mahatma Gandhi great believes, anti-colonialism & imperialism, Non-alignment, Press-freedom, long time & countless printed Media, Bollywood, Music, Art, …

Atal ji’ s personality have so many lessons for me,

A villager who reaches to High

A poet’s son, who were a poet

A politician who follow his goal in politics, not in violence

A single who stayed and ended single

A moderate in the hardliners (RSS)

A nationalist with politic approaches

A Politian intimate with literature, as he went long in literature which lead him to learn Persian literature, so he had access to the two Aryan’s nations heritages, it makes him soft to his pluralistic diversified society and people.

Although he used the Babri Mosque issue to achieve power during 1990S, and it’s the most weaken point in his carrier, but when he reaches to power has one of the good ruling period in India history; with moderate face.       

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