Mr. Trump! don't repeat USA historical mistake against Iranian

07 مرداد 1397
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U.S president, Mr. Donald Trump!

Please don’t make Iranian people as an excuse, to offer massacre and looting to them.

US government these days activate and take at the US’s service, the worse, eviler and defame Iran and Iranian’s enemies, to deliver democracy, prosperity, and freedom to them?! Those unmindful who have the worse behaver and historical archive of carelessly toward human right and humans’ values.

These worse political elements, want to eliminate and remove dictatorship and totalitarianism from Iran, and neglect thieves from Iran and Iranian’s properties and belonging.

Saudi Arabian monarchs who don’t even offer taste or smell of democracy, freedom and human right, to their people, the kingdom which just exchanges between families, the rulers who slave even religion and Islam at the serves of their self-will and establishments for long centuries, these satanic/devilish rulers with the help of you, want to be liberator the old civilized Iranian people?! Fanatic extremist back warded religious element who, whose Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) fundamentalist and Salafi and Wahhabi followers, left behind the peaks of cruelty, wildness, brutality… wants to liberate Iran and Iranian?!! Could you be certain of?

Daesh caliphate’s ideology which backed by Saudi Arabia’s Islamic jurisprudence (or Fiqh) sunny the cruelest followers of ideologies which accept as true in interference of religion in politic during the ruling in Iraq and Syria, know shoulder to shoulder with you are seeking our people’s prosperity?! Unbelievable, who can accept as true such coalition and consortium of, Daesh backers in the Persian Gulf, PMOI, US government who make a coalition… want to release us?!!

Yes, Mr. Trump! You, Jan Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Bin Salman, Netanyahu, Miss Maryam Qajar-Azodanlu…. How this grouping can bring prosperity and freedom to us, as they brought to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan…?!

The fanatic religious abuser of Islam in favor of their political interests, who pump death, disasters, massacres, destruction… to the Middle East, can reconstruct Iran or can release us from scandalous robbers of people’s properties?!!

How looter of Libyan, Iraqis, Syrian, Nigerian, Yemeni, Afghan, Pakistani… life and properties can save us. It’s a great lie. 

How the face sunny makers of the most ex-religious criminal in the history of religious cruelty can make a grouping and give us life and prosperity, how can trust such a mirage and hallucination promise by you?

The followers, confederates, partners of Daesh in the Middle East, who re-built old Islamic and non-Islamic women slave selling market in the 21st century, in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan… and burned people alive, now made an Arabic – Iranian -Zionists triangle which the result of this coalition is clear for us, distraction, looting and death.

Now external interfere to liberate! Libyan, Iraqis, Syrian, Nigerian, Yemeni, Afghan… are in front of you and us, so please change your policies against us. Your ongoing strategies are directly against Iranian people. It is clear for all honorable Iranian all around the world as well as you. Before starting its result is clear.

 The closed system of the rulers in PMOI, that even determined its force’s family members (spouse-children) destiny and life, or Wahhabi ideologies’ followers how can give us freedom and what kind of democracy and freedom they have and believe in?! 

As the history of the Middle East is showing, the Zionist and Jewish political-religious movement wipe out a nation from their motherland, now how these partners can give us existence, freedom, democracy.

Mr. Trump please leave us to our self, to find our way, and do not push us in disasters and massacres and destruction. Leaving “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)” by you just give a good opportunity to looter of Iranian to loot us as same as they loot us previously, you don’t help us you just back us to the previous situation which Iranian released by millions of votes.

Now you leave JCPOA and made Iran as haven for opportunists to sell and buy Iranian life, the market that with JCPOA was closed, and you re-open it strongly, and you burnt Iranian wishes, and you made a road to lead Iranian wealth to opportunist who was looting us during long previous sanction phases, we work a lot and you are going to lose all Iranian effort to ban such corrupted hand.

So, please don’t repeat your mistake, as you had in “1953 coup”; the shameful interfere against Iranian in the history of USA.

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