Free of breathless chest, in my thoughts’ fort

31 تیر 1397
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I need and looking for a fort,

The safe and capable place for thinking freely,

 To became calm down there,

To control the fire which is glowing in my heart, nonstop,

To sense freshness and free in my chest,

 A safe far front of selfishness’ minds,

To be free of fear, hesitate, interfere, impose…

To taste freedom harmlessly,

Free of all obstacle to reaching to myself,

No wall, no chin, no barrier, in it,

In the absence of all, who,

 in the name of protecting their believes,

limiting and killing others,

To save their pureness, caste and culture…

They speak of nonviolence and kindness,

 And at the same time are harming and killing others,

And are the enemy of any otherness.

If you meet them, they will say:

"Do I look like a terrorist"

I don’t want any forced follower,

I want to be alone in my thoughts’ fort,

To sense, meet, see myself freely,

For the first time,

Uncover my willingness,

Reveal all my heart,

 As God give us opportunity to have it,

To express myself, as I am, as I want,

To be free of breathless chest,

به اشتراک بگذارید

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