Fascism in religious discourse

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I had a note from Ajoy M, a member of the Academia site, which he/she has left, on the reaction, on my M.A’ dissertation "Globalization and Hindu radicalism in India", he wrote to me :  

I am not surprised to see some garbage coming out from the terrorist state Iran. When Globalization is taking place, Muslim extremism is spreading across the globe into all the democracies. Muslims and religious fanatism is spreading in the fertile fields of democracy. While democratic countries still have not realized that Muslims have no allegiance to any country and the only allegiance is with Allah, Muslims became cancers to every democratic country. Which countries tackle them best? Countries like China (they are by force mass transforming Muslims in their country), Burma (who just removed the last bit of Muslims root – Rohingyas from their land). These countries know, you must operate cancer cells from the root. India is too soft and a democratic country – and the country is stamped with Muslim infiltration and breeding rate of Muslims which is only comparable to insects. India should do everything to cleanse their land, they need to find the cure for cancer”.

 This is my response to Ajoy M: 

Dear Ajoy M

Hi Sir/Madame

I am surprised to see someone from India naming, an Academic text as Garbage, which is the result of human thought and researches, if somebody does not agree with it, should criticise, not label it as something like this. 

I am surprised because I saw some Indian who, irrespective of what has written in a text even, they consider it as a sacred written, and respect to it, even newspaper lines.

 My paper contains Indian cultural values, and how is leading in the wrong direction by The Hindu fanatic radical Hindutvas activists

The fascism in the name of Ram, killing minorities, 

I try to take a mirror in front of the people's face, who killed a human for their thought 

I and the world know about Muslim Extremism well, but do you know about Hindu Extremism also? the extremist who hang others, to roadside trees because of trafficking cows by their trucks?!

the people who were killed in cold blood on the tarmac of Delhi street when they follow their citizenship right during Mr. Trump presidential visit to Delhi.

Minorities in every country are shelterless, so the pressure on them is shameful, there is no difference between Myanmar, China, Palestine, Iran, India, USA...

Brutality is brutality, Muslim brutality, Hindu brutality, Jewish brutality... all are the same

In a free and democratic thought, nobody considers others as Cancer, fascist thought name others like cancer, because fascism wants to uproot others,  

My studies show me, India is something else, plurality, harmlessness, democratic, full of Ahimsa, cruelty and brutality does not belong to Indian cultural values, this is something that injects into its cultural, political atmosphere by the politician who wants to ride people religious sentiment to capture power.

About Iran that you name it as a terrorist state, no one can name a whole like this, it is a baseless label, because of thieves who robe in Italy’s city like Milan, no one name thieve Italy or some Hindutva brutal action in India, nobody says, Brutal Hindu religion …

Namaskar Ji


May 22 2021

This is Ajoy M response to me that I recived it Today (2021-May-23): 

"It is no wonder that you are not only ignorant but a fanatic of your own. You are trying to compare Muslim extremism with Hindu extremism. Unless someone is smoking something special, even an Allah-infested brain also could not do that type of comparison.
First, there will be always a section of people who will try to do something inhuman. And you must see the percentage of that inhuman in comparison to the total population. Look at the Muslim countries – and try to make it your research paper – why once the Muslim population reaches 50% in a country it will very quickly move towards 100% and force every other religion to vanish from that land. Try to research why Pakistan and Bangladesh's Muslim population is now close to 95% though at the time of independence it was close to 55 to 60%. Try to make your research topic, why in India, the Muslim population is now close to 25% though at the time of independence it was like 10 to 12%. Try to make your research paper on why in the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam – the Muslim population exploded and now almost 30 to 35% of the total population. Looks like you have picked up a research subject to make the Mullahs of Iran happy. I can give you hundreds of research subjects and if you publish the outcome, you will realize that the world population should be divided by Muslims and Non-Muslims or otherwise Inhuman and Human.
Some Indians praise your writing because you will find Hindus hating Hindus in Indian and abroad. And you will never find Muslims hating Muslims in this world.
The final research subject for you –find a country in this world where Muslims are the majority and they are not close to 100%. And where the Muslim population percentage is shrinking. Mulla’s in your country will be unhappy and will order death by stone-throwing by Sharia law. What a hopeless and low life you guys are leading? Do something to improve the lives of your population because you will never even understand the problems of other countries and other religions."

I write to him : 

"Your problem is, you divide people by their religion, and based on this division, all Muslim are Inhuman and all Hindu are human, but humanity and inhumanity dose not related to your religion, it is related to your behave, thought toward “others”, this is fascism, as you know fascism is deeply irrational and it funds its base on hate of small community, who have no power, and no shelter to defend himself.

Fascists characteristically attempted to win popular support and consolidate their power by mobilizing the population in mass, against others who defined them as an enemy, fascists espoused extreme nationalism, and under fascist regimes, women were urged to perform their traditional gender role, as wives and mothers and to bear many children for the nation. Although not all fascists believed in biological racism, it played a central role in the actions of those who did. Most fascist movements portrayed themselves as defenders of domain religion against others, and in the end, the result of fascism is creating a totalitarian system, which brings all, under the control of its elite, at that time, there is no difference between minority and majority, all will be the same, for a fascist ruler.

You are speaking of the Mullah System in Iran, but Hindutva doctrine speaks about Hindu fundamentalism, which returns India to the Cast System, which is, a kind of “Hindu Mullah system” that will come to exist, so it will be the same. if the “Muslim Mullah system” is wrong, the “Hindu Mullah system” also will be wrong.

If humanity and its values are your concern, as it is my concern also, Hindu toleration and Muslim toleration are the same, a Muslim or Hindu… have to be human, human irrespective of its religion has to be moral and  tolerant,

Allah-infested brain or Ram-Infested Brain is the same,  so we are as a human, irrespective of our God’s name, have to be human, this is the most important religious teaches, that we have to learn it,

Every religion which teaches us this, is a qualified religion, on the other hand, it should be put aside, there is no difference its God’s name is Allah or Ram.

In my thought all religion came to teach us to live human, except this, it will be useless,

As you see in my dissertation, I have M.A Indian studies, so it is my field of studies, and I try to know my case study, irrespective of my religion, as an academic approach to this matter, so I am not the representative of the Muslim toward you, to defend their wrong behaves,  but there are so many articles in my site, about Muslim wrong actions toward others also, as I said in the past, Brutality is brutality, cruelty is cruelty, sin is sin, wrong is wrong… there is no different who is doing it, me or you, Hindu or Muslim, Jewish or Christion…"

On May 24, 2021 he/she write to me:


Not correct, I divide humans by Muslims and Non-Muslims. Not by any other religion. Of course, a person’s humanity depends on the teaching of religion. That is the reason we find so many fanatics from only one religion. There are innumerous examples around us. Everything that I said is well documented, statistically valid, and true, and telling the truth is sometimes not popular especially on the receiving side.

You have not answered a single truth (research subjects for you) that I have presented in my last mail. Rather you are dodging the questions with some well-known facts which do not need further clarification. But, sometimes, every country needs to look after its own population and should take corrective actions to cleanse their land. By the way, what is the percentage of the population in Iran who are Muslim? Well, probably you will be ashamed to say that here, but let me tell you – 99%. A person, from a 99% Muslim community is trying to characterize India and Hindus fundamentalist is not only laughable, garbage too, and that is what I said in my first message.

Without Hindu fundamentalism, India cannot stop the growth of weeds in India, Muslim Population. I hope and wish, every Indian will join to cleanse the land of India and cure the cancer of the society.

My only concern is now infestation of democracies by Muslims. A fanatic fundamental people, whose allegiance is only with religion and not with the country. They are dangers of each democracies. And that should be cured, and countries should act immediately.

My only concern – Muslim infiltration to democracies. That need to stop immediately.

As response, I write to him/her :

Namaskar ji

First of all, my paper speaks about the RSS and its ideology, that is became operational, based on Hindutva doctrine, so let me say, this is a wrong dividing if you are speaking in the name of “Hindu radicalism”, and right wings, like RSS; they do not divide Indian people, in the manner, that you divided them, as I mention in my paper, they recognized all minorities as “others” and burn and loot their belongings and their temples, and killed their members, as you know, and I brought in my paper, for example in Orissa, so many Christians were killed and their churches were demolished…

So please make it clear, from which stand, you are speaking.

This kind of fascism, racism, radical nationalism… which follow by the RSS, is something else, it means that you are not a fan of this ideology, so I do not have anything to say, but if you think based on that idea, I had researched, and I can give more facts, that you are not right.

Please send me some of your writing, to make me aware of your ideas and believed, I could not find any article in the Academia, by you, even I don’t know, what is your name or which university and degree do you engage in…

No matter, it is not so important, if you want to have academic dialogue, you should point on any line of my paper, and say it is not right, so I try to make you satisfied, or you make me attentive to my mistaken position that I took.

Your declaration “Of course, a person’s humanity depends on the teaching of religion”. It is correct, and at the same time not correct, let me have an example in Hinduism and Islam as well,

Iran and India in somehow are the same, as you have the RSS, The Bajrang Dal…, in Iran we have such a radical religious approaches as well, for instance, Mahatma Gandhi ji, is a Hindu politician, with soft and nonviolence doctrine, in thought and ideas, who believe that : “Anger and intolerance are the twin enemies of correct understanding.” which he loves his enemy, as he said “It is easy enough to be friendly to one's friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.”

And he was full of Ahimsa, and also at the same time, you can see some his revolutionaries members in his struggle against colonialism, who make India’s streets as a blood bath, you know them more than me, all of them are Hindu, thus we can say, your interpretation of any faith, give you the direction to what kind of human wants to be.

In Islam all is the same, as you see someone like a peace activist, late Mulana Wahid Uddin Khan (1 January 1925 – 21 April 2021) or India’s independence activist, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (11 November 1888 – 22 February 1958), or as an alternative of them, some Muslim terrorists who attacked Mumbai port and killing innocents people, as well as, Hindu terrorists, or the people known as Saffron Terror.

All Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish… terrorists are the same, they have a goal-line for killing…

About your question, is not my field of studies, so I cannot approve it, or say are not correct. And it should be under the scanner of academic work, to be clarified it is correct or not, and what cussed to lead them to this point.

The propaganda is separated by anti-social division, which makes a small community an enemy of a nation, as Hitler make jaws as Germany most dangerous enemy and you know the result of such approaches, killing the people who trapped in an unjustified fascist’s propaganda,

India is a plural, diversified, cultural-religious country, and it is very dangerous as you mentioned that “Without Hindu fundamentalism, India cannot check the growth of weeds in India, Muslim Population.” Population control by killing them?! You want to kill 25% of Indian for cleaning other’ religion,

As I know Indian Muslim are the most backward Indian, there are better ways to have population control, the government by improving their education can make them aware that “fewer children = good living”, they don’t even know this fact also. Such a radical confrontation makes them more radicalize and provide a good atmosphere for terrorism also, in both side.

In the end, I want to make you aware that, even in Iran we had three big mass movements and revolutions toward achieving freedom and democracy during the last century, and our struggle is not finished now, and our fight is going on, the Iranian Green movement is the last alive and such a movement which is active now,

So I can say to you, such Hindu radicalism and fundamentalism will be derail and hijack your democracy and freedom, and will change it to totalities and they will lead you to the Cast system, and you will see the hierarchy of “Hindu Mullah” which they say, in the name of Ram, they do that and this, and they will destroy all your constitution base, and 1947 revolution results, at the end. The most important values such democracy, pluralism, secularism, and the main Hindu characters like tolerance, Ahimsa, nonviolence… 

“The target of saffron terror is not the Muslim community, but "secular nationalism". The ideology of secular nationalism, with its inclusivity and pluralistic vision — which includes religious diversity and equality — is a serious threat to the project of homogeneity which is undertaken by the Sangh Parivar. “

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