07 شهریور 1400
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Should be apostate,
Set out, himself free,
In quest of,
Seeing without censorship and filter
Being, Just a Human,
Or looking as an impartial,

Who is Human?
He is free,
Or, a lover of Freedom,
Or, seeker of Freedom,
He departs to find it, as purely as it is probable.

Where is Freedom?!
In the heart of a question,
In the shade of, a ray of awareness,
Under the shadow of enlightens tree,

Long live freedom!
Freedom is for humans,
Not, who are abandon Humanity,

An apostate,
Pull out himself of his pre-judgment,
To see all,
In the right position,
To see whole,
Without artificial selection,

If you want to get all,
You should see all,
So you should leave beyond, all obstacles of your sight.

An apostate sees with his own eyes,
It is a scientific vision.
Have I had the right to be apostate, to see

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