To my Pakistani brothers

 Today we talk about one of your historical site; the Mohenjo-Daro, a city-state that belongs to more than 4 thousand years back. And our Professor inform us that among all Build things there; there was no single gun… and straight Mohenjo-Daro’s streets also show that your ancestors don’t face any threat and felled very safe… and had been lived there peacefully for long time and handed over a flourished civilization to the humanity; and you, as Civilized-Muslim nation should be live in peace and prosper way also, same as your fathers at that time.  

 So please have a look to your fathers’ history that lived in peace, thousand years ago and even they didn’t think or fell violent. But I don’t know why nowadays we should hear a lot of killing and massacres in all corners of your civilized people’s country; In Quetta or in Karachi or in Lahore or any part of Pakistan’s territories. Nowadays you are killing your brothers because they don’t think exactly same as you?!!. Please return to your history and forgot that ص رحمته للعالمین is your prophet. Your country is fund on Islamic characters; but I want to say please forgot it, and just return to your historical culture; non-violate lifestyle. Why a Shia Muslim should be killed?!! Because he/she don’t think like you?!!...Nobody should be killed. We (as Muslims) have to return to our logical way of thinking and practicing and living. Please rethink and review your mind.

This kind of actions maybe come from or routed outside of your country; please reject them. Maybe the fans of such an actions, come from the culture that before Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) was existed in Hejaz; the people who had killed their innocent daughters, is coming back in 21th century and do the same cruelly again.  Who knows maybe they want to return us (Muslims) back to that cruel society and culture; before Islam?!!

Why the name of Pakistan should be equal to terrorism (because of such a actions). Please rethink; and bring a change; and rewash your face.

I apologias of such a frankly spoke out. The Pakistani’s brothers are free of such these actions and all of them imported from outside and imposed to them.

مرا بهایی اور بهن - آپ کهان جا راها هن؟!!؟

۱۳اکتبر - ۲۰۱۳  

Seyed Mostafa Mostafavi

MA student in the Subcontinent studies

University of Tehran 

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