Positivism is a school of thought or an especial way of looking to the world’s phenomenon. It is also a kind of philosophy that comes to emerge when western was tiered of metaphysics philosophies, so they try to release itself from unscientific process in sciences. At this time some western scientists try to find a touchable, reliable and trust able answer to their scientific questions.

But the question is, what is positive? a look in dictionaries for finding a meaning for this term show that a core subject is emphasizes on isdisplaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmationorAdmitting of no doubt; irrefutableorVery sure; confidentorpractical rather than theoretical mattersorthe presence of particular qualities or attributes; real” [1] so as you see the follower of this school of thought looking for a way to put science away from uncertainty in scientific results and research method. Experimentalism is one of the outcomes of this approach.

Logical positivism is against idealism and metaphysics. It tries to find a path to establish a stand able foundation. They believe that only scientific, experimental, repeatable facts can be trust and Theories or some concepts cannot consider as scientific truths or facts. Logical and scientific experience is emphasized and they believe that verifying is possible in experimental way merely. Positivism separate science and Metaphysics and it categorized them separately.

Logical positivists divided knowledge into analytic and synthetic categories. Analytic knowledge, such as mathematical theorems, is repetitive and thus can be validated a prior. Synthetic knowledge, such as assertions about the real world, must be verified a posterior by observation [2] 

  Verifiability and excremental observation and re-searchable mater will be seen the same in natural and social science. In both field it should process the same and knowledge is the outcome of empirical, verifiable facts and nothing else.

Human experience is reliable when browse itself in the shape of sense experimental form that can be verify in logic ways.

The critic that is exists at this time is the rejecting of human philosophical heritage and outcome and limits science to just verifiable mater.


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