The result of, what l found about this subject by reading same parts of the book that written by mr. Edward w. said that published by ”penguin publisher”   :

 ‘’Oxford dictionary’’ define term of ‘orient’ as countries of the (far) east, e.g.  china and japan. So as you see oriental is against occidental (west side like Britain, franc,… and now united states of America). I think after powered the west, they start to expanding their dominion in order to have more natural recourse and collect more wealth , so in this regard their researcher also come to help traders, policy makers and military actioners,… to achieve their goals. So the east that did not be aware of what they had, become abused by westerner with losing wealth and fame.

Oriental people became defame by western researchers and looted by trader. Orientalism is speaking of the way of looking east by west and in fact it is a critically reaction to this dividing the world and especially human been.

Mr Edward w. said is the author the book with the exact name of ‘orientalism’ that he write it in 1977 after long time academic study in the most fames universities in west with look to westerner literature. He had been engaged  with west literature texts for long time and he use this knowledge in very good manner to explain western writer with what kind of way of looking and analysis east.  

He believes that the way of dividing the world in oriental as well as occidental is a geographical dividing and the difference between the people of this two part of glob is not meaning that one said should think that have the right to domination to other side.

 this way of looking to oriental people is related to philosophy of dualism and it is baseless. And with dualism approach you cannot have a suitable scientific result.

I am also with this view that west (and other) look to other nation bass on their own view on them, and west with their dualism‘s look to east defame east culture and social structure,… actually westerner (or orientalist as Mr said name them) look himself as axes of world and other aside out of standard, that should be guide and civilized. With this view they think naturally will have the right to rule others. They see himself as civilized and the others as uncivilized people so with this elaboration of world humanity they divide human been in two category (orient – occident) civilized – uncivilized but with the base of geographical dividing.

In this way of analysis, every man who live in orient area (with any level of culture) are uncivilized and occident should led them to civilized posion.so slavery system, nationalism movement , racism movement , Marxism ,… are the symbol of dualism which see every phenomenon as two confronted aspect. Owner against slave, orient against occident, feminine against masculine, Islam against Jew,…

West with this way of analysis, see other as inferior and himself as superior. Dualism in history have deep influence but in 20th century it is emerge in face of international wars and after on with cold war and now by the policy of ‘’ to be with us or be against us’’ by Americans, it is continuing.  west feels that they should rule the world and this right given to them by the nature and by the God (for realigns west men).

Mr. said also use his capability in “comparative literature” to show years of misunderstanding in what western legions (in politic and human science) separate for centuries and he show their failer. He also show that orientalism now a day is countinuing by usa.

Here is same statement by mr.  Edward w. said in this book :

The relationship between orient and occident is a relationship of power , of domination , of a varying degree of  hegemony ,… (orientalism – page 5)

“European and then American interest in the orient was political … but that it was the culture that created that interest … therefor, orientalism is not a mere political subject … orientalism is a cultural and political fact ” (orientalism – page 12 -13)

Mr. said see orientalism and imperialism in same and he believe that three great empires (Britain , French ,   America) and their intellectual did the same in literature about orient  (orientalism – page 14)

  Seyed mostafa mostafavi – 1391/7/8


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چون شر پدید آمد و بر دست و پای بشر بند زد، و او را به غارت و زندان ظالمانه خود برد، اندیشه نیز بعنوان راهور راه آزادگی، آفریده شد، تا فارغ از تمام بندها، در بالاترین قله های ممکن آسمانیِ آگاهی و معرفت سیر کند، و ره توشه ایی از مهر و انسانیت را فرود آورد. انسان هایی بدین نور دست یافتند، که از ذهن خود زنجیر برداشتند، تا بدون لکنت، و یا کندن از زمین، و مردن، بدین فضای روشنی والا دست یافته، و ره توشه آورند.