Dear American friends, It’s your time

 Dear American friends, as the political atmosphere of your upcoming election shows, in this electoral campaign, Miss Clinton and Mr. Trump will fight for white House’s ruling; That was our time and we done as you saw; It’s your time, you will have an important election, to choose war or peace, and I don’t know what you will do; as I monitor Mr. Trump’s electoral speeches, I found him an extremist and fighting man than a politician; I think he will come to open new war ground in the world; although Miss Clinton’s electoral speeches was full of threat to others also, but she is a politician and she was president Clinton’s spouse and as ex-FM minister, and I think she can play this role better than a businessman (Trump). That is my opinion and nothing else. It’s up to you, to do whatever you like. She promise to follow Mr. Obama’s approaches toward world’s problems (as peaceful and successful approaches that he had toward Iran), so her political perspective is clear than Mr. Trump for me. The world is burning in the war and it need to peaceful men than warmonger.

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