Humanity is dead under fascism of Zionists

It is about two weeks that Palestinian in small-blockaded Gaza are under the attack of fascism of Zionists; and the American-armed Jerusalem are bombarding them from air, sea and land and till now so many children, women (about 4 thousands) massacred, and there is no end for it. It is about 80 years that Zionists are killing innocent owner of Palestine to wipe them out, to make themselves as the only owner of holy territory of Palestine. Violence and cruelty is become the habit of Jewish fascism in this region but the painful problem is, no international or regional institution support Palestinian and want to stop this cruelty against them. Humanity and kindness are dead now. the Palestinian as a wiping out nation are slaughtering by Zionists and they are hopeless to receive any help from outside of Gaza, this is our humanity today; so shame on us and our humanity?!!

+ نوشته شده توسط سید مصطفی مصطفوی در 2:57 AM چهارشنبه بیست و پنجم تیر 1393   

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