Will India further participate in the sanctions against Iran

in the name of god the munificent the merciful

the paradigm of new liberalized india commenced to adopt a new policy and the shift from socio-economy into liberal economy. india by this act left its cold war paradigm behind and entered to a new paradigm. due to this revolutionary turn, indian policy makers decided to join global trend. in the new liberalism paradigm, the global actors as well as india have to follow the rules which dictated by the u.s hegemony. despite, india was one of the founders of the non-alignment movement (nam), since 1990s, they shifted to new liberalism politically and economically, so they will follow the further probable sanctions against iran. in the new paradigm there is incommensurability between iran and india, as iran hasn’t enter to the western attitude, thus iran and india cannot apprehend each other well in this regards. india’s entrance in new paradigm is still debatable because its progress as a western partner would be operative when the u.s commitments to india have done. therefore, the puzzle among iran and india would be solving if the u.s authority doesn’t show itself serious in this manner or the relationship between iran and america derail from the current situation. it is predicted that india will cooperate with western policy to impose further sanctions against iran till the anomaly remove.


  research methodologies and methods
by: dr. mohammad samiei

article by:

seyed mostafa mostafavi -  hassan rezvani  and amir hussin hassanzadeh  -  m.a students in indian studies

faculty of world studies - university of tehran



+ نوشته شده در دوشنبه نوزدهم فروردین ۱۳۹۲ ساعت 12:2 شماره پست: 266



چون شر پدید آمد و بر دست و پای بشر بند زد، و او را به غارت و زندان ظالمانه خود برد، اندیشه نیز بعنوان راهور راه آزادگی، آفریده شد، تا فارغ از تمام بندها، در بالاترین قله های ممکن آسمانیِ آگاهی و معرفت سیر کند، و ره توشه ایی از مهر و انسانیت را فرود آورد. انسان هایی بدین نور دست یافتند، که از ذهن خود زنجیر برداشتند، تا بدون لکنت، و یا کندن از زمین، و مردن، بدین فضای روشنی والا دست یافته، و ره توشه آورند.

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