What does Wittgenstein mean by language games

 Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) is one of the European philosophers that his thought is leading his follower to relativism. It means that truth and reality is related to men’s language games and every person with his unique language has own output of realties.

 Base on Wittgenstein, reality depend on his/her language games and every person’s language output is valuable and recognised as truth. Hence language is considers as processing system and a creative unit for every person, and its output can be trust as reality.

As you can see language Games is put itself as core term in Mr Wittgenstein’s theory. But what is language game? Mr Wittgenstein believes that words are taking meaning in the context of a game. When we speak of Game it means that we are considering a playground that some factors are recognized as standard of playing to shape a meaningful action, and without these standards, the action will be meaningless.

Based on this theory for outsiders or unknown observers that are not aware of the game and its standards, the action and its output will be random and meaningless.

By this way of looking to the world’s phenomenon, evaluation is will be possible when examiner be full aware of all aspects of context and the field that a reality is come out and it’s on going discourse in between, for example.  

So based on this theory every output will be unique, but to generalizing, we should see the similarities in the language games. An observer who is aware of the rule of Game … can evaluate and generalize facts to other cases.

As you see in this theory same word has deferent meaning in deferent contexts and this is the context that determined the kind of words meaning.

As result of this philosophy criticism others believes is meaningless. And every outcome of language games is honorable.  



  Research Methodologies and Methods
by: Dr. Mohammad Samiei


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