What is structure and agency? How does this framework help us in political analysis

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Analysing Social-Political phenomenonas one of the most complex action in social science, is men concern, hence a methodological instrument which can help to answerto questions in this regard, is welcomed by experts.The“structure - agency”methodological philosophy by Giddenscan be observed as suitable tool to understanding of Social Science’s subjects. The main question is; are we (as human) governing structures or structures determinate our situation?  The agency is strongly related to power and structures also define how power is divided between deferent agents and how camps of power effect on whole. The Structure - agency is a theory between extreme Individualism (as it emphasise and dominate on western thoughts) and Structuralism (as its mostly followed by left wing and some other structuralists) and although individualtheories argue that we are richer as human beings than structure’s approach theories and can predict more strongly, but structuralists deny that the human actor is the ultimate social reality, focussing instead on the situated human actor. Giddens approach considers both of them and he tries to bridge between this two, to analysis social phenomenon and in somehow finish the clash between them.Giddens theory rejects dualism of this two and sees them two sides of the same.

“What is structure and agency? How does this framework help us in political analysis”

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Research Methodologies and Methods
by: Dr. Mohammad Samiei

Article by:

Seyed Mostafa Mostafavi - M.A Student in Indian Studies

Faculty of world studies - University of Tehran  

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چون شر پدید آمد و بر دست و پای بشر بند زد، و او را به غارت و زندان ظالمانه خود برد، اندیشه نیز بعنوان راهور راه آزادگی، آفریده شد، تا فارغ از تمام بندها، در بالاترین قله های ممکن آسمانیِ آگاهی و معرفت سیر کند، و ره توشه ایی از مهر و انسانیت را فرود آورد. انسان هایی بدین نور دست یافتند، که از ذهن خود زنجیر برداشتند، تا بدون لکنت، و یا کندن از زمین، و مردن، بدین فضای روشنی والا دست یافته، و ره توشه آورند.