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My English Production

My English Production (5)

  • 09
  • مهر

President Trump’s doctrine and “achieve a brighter future for all of humanity”

Dear president Trump

Hi sir

You spoke to the world’s leaders [1] and asked them to evaluate your career, to see the progress you had made till now, “to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity” [2] I have some comments on your practice during the Two years.

The “brighter future for all humanity”, what a holy purpose, you mentioned as your priority as American’s president’s task.

I can say well down in choosing such a best dream to achieve. But let me calculate what progress you've made, and who was your allies in this process, and also describe their performance in this regards, in our region, the Middle East, the paradise of dictatorships and bloodshed.

The Arab Springe Movement put our region in instability and uncompleted pro-democracy forces’ task, to realize their target, but you didn’t help them in this respect, and even you choose your allies from the most dictatorship system among, like the Saudi Arabian monarchies, who have been imprisoned their people for long time, the rulers who take hostage Saudi’s people as well as their properties and freedom, and even the name of the country, which is not belong to the people, and refer to belonging this country to a family members who take under arrest all. And unfortunately you had “sword dance” with them.

 Yes, you have chosen one of the worsted dictators as a key allies in this regime to mobilize your brightness! to bring “brighter future” in the Persian Gulf, and other Arabian countries?! And I want to ask you which brighter future can you bring with such backwardness?!

So under your priority in this region, Yemenis are under unhuman-coldhearted, surround, sanctions and bombardment by your key allies in Saudi Arabia and UAE... for years.

About Syria you put all your efforts to save ISIS… by put under pressure the countries who fight with them, and instead, support the countries which help ISIS… logistically, ideologically… in this “very brutal civil war.”

And now about Iranian, under your international law breaking decision, and withdrawal of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, my people are going to be poorer than before, and you speak of brightness for us?!!. You provide a condition again; which Iranian being looted by opportunists during sanction period.

It is a historical fact that American and foreign interfere in the following of freedom and democracy by Iranian, always were like a poison and disaster for us, as history of our long struggle shows. Yes at the time that your people are going to be wealthier [3] we are going to be poorer under your policy.

Iranian are losing their jobs as you are improving your economy.[4] You are making walls to save himself, and we are living in the area which is haven of terrorist groups which are supporting by you and your allies.[5]

You want to limited our defense capability in this fearful region, when your “military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before.” [6]

Yes Mr. Trump! You “are standing up for America and for the American people” to make the United States “stronger, safer, and a richer country than it was.” But under your policy the Iranian, Syrian, Yemeni… are sinking in troubles, and at the same time you are speaking of the “brighter future for all humanity” we are not belonging to this all humanity?

Please ask your administration to calculate how much brightness come to the Middle East during this two years, when you come to power in US. America. Which problem is solved toward Iranian, as you announce “we are also standing up for the world.”

We can see your “incredible change” during this two years, that our people economy is going to be worse than before, your “hostages have been released” but the Middle East Nations are going to be hostage by your allies, stronger then before, by selling or gifting more “military facilities” by you to dictator regimes like Saudi Arabia and apartheid regime like Israel.

“The sanctions will stay in place until denuclearization occurs” just for the country who are not your allied, and Israel, Saudi Arabia… can have every “military facilities” because they are in your line.

So please don’t speak of the “brighter future for all humanity”, please just speak of brighter future for American and its allies.

Mr. President!

When “the United States is working with the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan, and Egypt to establish a regional strategic alliance” so how the Middle East nations can be released of their dictatorship systems which are hand to hand with you for a “regional strategic alliance”? You are saying about “prosperity, stability, and security across” the region, how it can be possible when you forgot human values like freedom, democracy and said “Ultimately, it is up to the nations of the region to decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children” how can be the nations to decide to change?

Is there any freedom movement that you support in that allies’ country, are you supporting the Bahrainis movement for voting right, yes they are looking for voting right?

You are “pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killers known as ISIS have been driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria.” But my question is, who stand with the Syrian people and their sovereign government to driven them out? Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar… or Iran...

You “will continue to work with friends and allies to deny radical Islamic terrorists any funding, territory or support, or any means of infiltrating” your borders. Yes, you are very active, but the supporter of “the radical Islamic terrorists” are your allies, all in the world knows who support ISIS… in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria…  logistically and ideologically.

Mr. president! Dear Mr. Trump!  this is a very good idea “to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again”. But in all my Iranian contemporary history, foreign interfere didn’t let my people to reach to their main goal (freedom and democracy), the last one was coup against prime minster Mr. Mohammad Mosaddegh, who was collapsed by American agents…

You are speaking about “Virtually everywhere socialism or communism has been tried, it has produced suffering, corruption, and decay.” I can say “Virtually everywhere foreign interfere and “radical Islamic terrorists” (which mostly support with your key allies in the Persian Gulf), has been tried, it has produced suffering, corruption, decay, bloodshed, dictatorship, backwardness, slavery, looting people... so please call nations gathered there to join you “in calling for “democracy in” Saudi Arabia and other kingdoms who logistically and ideologically support “radical Islamic terrorists.”  

At the time that you are looking for countries who have your “interests at heart” [7] to give them help and support, how a “brighter future for all of humanity” can be appear for all. This level of American Nationalism cannot fallow world human interests. It is very good for American interests just, not humanity.

Yes Mr. president! “It is the question of what kind of world will we leave for our children and what kind of nations they will inherit.” Actually under such a level of nationalism, and ambitions of world leaders and their allies, which form of brighter future, can be reach?! under this collective allied, it is very clear, unfortunately which future will be form.

Yes, you are right Mr. Trump, “There is India, a free society over a billion people, successfully lifting countless millions out of poverty and into the middle class.” But they are free of foreign interfere, coup… they have Ballistic missile to protect himself, long range missile to reach them to space, nuclear capabilities to confront with nuclear armed neighbors, no sanctions and no discrimination, and since Mr. Gandhi achieve democracy, pluralism, secularism… nobody try to arrange a coup against their government. Is it possible for us also to don’t be your allies, and follow our dreams without foreign interferes, which put my people in prosperity and freedom without disaster and hardness?

Yes Mr. Trump “There is Israel, proudly celebrating its 70th anniversary as a thriving democracy in the Holy Land.” But my question is about Palestinian what is going on for them, are them also as nation in your mind?!

When you are proud of your friends and key allies, like “King Salman and the Crown Prince” who are in sword dancing with you, are you thinking of life Brightness of millions Yemenis who are under cruel unhuman-coldhearted, surround, sanctions and bombardment by this like of Crown Prince?

Yes Mr. Trump you are in America, believe “in the majesty of freedom and the dignity of the individual.” But Iranian and other sanctioned nations, how can save their dignity. How can you say “We believe in … the rule of law” when you break and out so many international law, because of see them not in line of your interests?

Yes Mr. Trump, you are completely right that “Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived, democracy has ever endured, or peace has ever prospered.” But under your cruel sanction on my people how “we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all.” How it possible.

Your radical emphases on American nationalism, cannot let you to be “together” with others to “choose a future of patriotism, prosperity, and pride” and follow “peace and freedom over domination and defeat” and really “God bless the nations of the world” in front of such selfishness in some world leaders.

 Thanks to hear me.

Seyed Mostafa Mostafavi


President Trump’s doctrine and “achieve a brighter future for all of humanity”

[1] in the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, New York, on September 25, 2018,

[2] - “One year ago, I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall. I addressed the threats facing our world, and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of humanity. Today, I stand before the United Nations General Assembly to share the extraordinary progress we've made.”

[3] - “America's economy is booming like never before. Since my election, we've added $10 trillion in wealth.”

[4] - “The stock market is at an all-time high in history, and jobless claims are at a 50-year low. African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment have all achieved their lowest levels ever recorded. We've added more than 4 million new jobs, including half a million manufacturing jobs.”

[5] -" We've started the construction of a major border wall, and we have greatly strengthened border security."

[6] - “Our military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before.”

[7] - “We will examine … whether the countries who receive our dollars and our protection also have our interests at heart. we are only going to give foreign aid to those who respect us and, frankly, are our friends”

به اشتراک بگذارید

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  • 26
  • مرداد

Yesterday afternoon, Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed away, so I want to say condolence to all my Indian friends who were Vajpayee’s fan, and India as a biggest democracy in the world, which have so many lesson to learn to the humanity as:

Tolerance, nonviolence, secularism, diversity, pluralism, love, hard-working, literature, coexistence, pro-environmental ideology, Mahatma Gandhi great believes, anti-colonialism & imperialism, Non-alignment, Press-freedom, long time & countless printed Media, Bollywood, Music, Art, …

Atal ji’ s personality have so many lessons for me,

A villager who reaches to High

A poet’s son, who were a poet

A politician who follow his goal in politics, not in violence

A single who stayed and ended single

A moderate in the hardliners (RSS)

A nationalist with politic approaches

A Politian intimate with literature, as he went long in literature which lead him to learn Persian literature, so he had access to the two Aryan’s nations heritages, it makes him soft to his pluralistic diversified society and people.

Although he used the Babri Mosque issue to achieve power during 1990S, and it’s the most weaken point in his carrier, but when he reaches to power has one of the good ruling period in India history; with moderate face.       

به اشتراک بگذارید

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  • 07
  • مرداد

U.S president, Mr. Donald Trump!

Please don’t make Iranian people as an excuse, to offer massacre and looting to them.

US government these days activate and take at the US’s service, the worse, eviler and defame Iran and Iranian’s enemies, to deliver democracy, prosperity, and freedom to them?! Those unmindful who have the worse behaver and historical archive of carelessly toward human right and humans’ values.

These worse political elements, want to eliminate and remove dictatorship and totalitarianism from Iran, and neglect thieves from Iran and Iranian’s properties and belonging.

Saudi Arabian monarchs who don’t even offer taste or smell of democracy, freedom and human right, to their people, the kingdom which just exchanges between families, the rulers who slave even religion and Islam at the serves of their self-will and establishments for long centuries, these satanic/devilish rulers with the help of you, want to be liberator the old civilized Iranian people?! Fanatic extremist back warded religious element who, whose Islamic State (ISIS-Daesh) fundamentalist and Salafi and Wahhabi followers, left behind the peaks of cruelty, wildness, brutality… wants to liberate Iran and Iranian?!! Could you be certain of?

Daesh caliphate’s ideology which backed by Saudi Arabia’s Islamic jurisprudence (or Fiqh) sunny the cruelest followers of ideologies which accept as true in interference of religion in politic during the ruling in Iraq and Syria, know shoulder to shoulder with you are seeking our people’s prosperity?! Unbelievable, who can accept as true such coalition and consortium of, Daesh backers in the Persian Gulf, PMOI, US government who make a coalition… want to release us?!!

Yes, Mr. Trump! You, Jan Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Bin Salman, Netanyahu, Miss Maryam Qajar-Azodanlu…. How this grouping can bring prosperity and freedom to us, as they brought to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan…?!

The fanatic religious abuser of Islam in favor of their political interests, who pump death, disasters, massacres, destruction… to the Middle East, can reconstruct Iran or can release us from scandalous robbers of people’s properties?!!

How looter of Libyan, Iraqis, Syrian, Nigerian, Yemeni, Afghan, Pakistani… life and properties can save us. It’s a great lie. 

How the face sunny makers of the most ex-religious criminal in the history of religious cruelty can make a grouping and give us life and prosperity, how can trust such a mirage and hallucination promise by you?

The followers, confederates, partners of Daesh in the Middle East, who re-built old Islamic and non-Islamic women slave selling market in the 21st century, in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan… and burned people alive, now made an Arabic – Iranian -Zionists triangle which the result of this coalition is clear for us, distraction, looting and death.

Now external interfere to liberate! Libyan, Iraqis, Syrian, Nigerian, Yemeni, Afghan… are in front of you and us, so please change your policies against us. Your ongoing strategies are directly against Iranian people. It is clear for all honorable Iranian all around the world as well as you. Before starting its result is clear.

 The closed system of the rulers in PMOI, that even determined its force’s family members (spouse-children) destiny and life, or Wahhabi ideologies’ followers how can give us freedom and what kind of democracy and freedom they have and believe in?! 

As the history of the Middle East is showing, the Zionist and Jewish political-religious movement wipe out a nation from their motherland, now how these partners can give us existence, freedom, democracy.

Mr. Trump please leave us to our self, to find our way, and do not push us in disasters and massacres and destruction. Leaving “The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)” by you just give a good opportunity to looter of Iranian to loot us as same as they loot us previously, you don’t help us you just back us to the previous situation which Iranian released by millions of votes.

Now you leave JCPOA and made Iran as haven for opportunists to sell and buy Iranian life, the market that with JCPOA was closed, and you re-open it strongly, and you burnt Iranian wishes, and you made a road to lead Iranian wealth to opportunist who was looting us during long previous sanction phases, we work a lot and you are going to lose all Iranian effort to ban such corrupted hand.

So, please don’t repeat your mistake, as you had in “1953 coup”; the shameful interfere against Iranian in the history of USA.

به اشتراک بگذارید

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  • 31
  • تیر

I need and looking for a fort,

The safe and capable place for thinking freely,

 To became calm down there,

To control the fire which is glowing in my heart, nonstop,

To sense freshness and free in my chest,

 A safe far front of selfishness’ minds,

To be free of fear, hesitate, interfere, impose…

To taste freedom harmlessly,

Free of all obstacle to reaching to myself,

No wall, no chin, no barrier, in it,

In the absence of all, who,

 in the name of protecting their believes,

limiting and killing others,

To save their pureness, caste and culture…

They speak of nonviolence and kindness,

 And at the same time are harming and killing others,

And are the enemy of any otherness.

If you meet them, they will say:

"Do I look like a terrorist"

I don’t want any forced follower,

I want to be alone in my thoughts’ fort,

To sense, meet, see myself freely,

For the first time,

Uncover my willingness,

Reveal all my heart,

 As God give us opportunity to have it,

To express myself, as I am, as I want,

To be free of breathless chest,

به اشتراک بگذارید

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  • 07
  • تیر

Oh my lord!

How could I put such a big and complex God, like you, in my observance, while it’s very limit.

I ‘m very hesitating about you,

How and how much are you active in my life,

I ‘m looking for your hand in our world,

and I can see it everywhere, but then again nowhere!

You leave us among wolfish and predators, at the same time I feel myself in your warm embraced.

Let me say frankly, I don’t know you, and at the time that I don’t know you, how could I love an unknown.

In this case just I could perform like a lover, based on my heard, or frightened.

Do you like artificial, afraid etc. lover?

Let me see and touch you, it’s the best way to love you.

Is it possible, to show me yourself of, however you like, on the mode I could tolerate such performance?

Lord! Let me see you obviously, clearly.

Whatever you like, you are my question.

Lord! Let me see you obviously, clearly

به اشتراک بگذارید

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دیدگاه من

ارتباطات انسانی شاید از بهترین شاخص های انسانیت ما انسان هاست، که تبلور آن در رویارویی تفکر و تبادل احساسات با دیگران حاصل می شود، امروزه فن آوری های جدید به کمک انسان آمده و شرایطی را فراهم نموده است که بتوان سریعتر و وسیعتر با هم در ارتباط باشیم، نوشته هایم در این سایت، سیاه مشق هایی است که در کلنجار با دل به نوشته در آمده و لزوما درست و یا نادرست نیست.

"آخرین خبر رویتر"