A letter to the president of the United States of America

12 دی 1399
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Mr. Donald Trump

President of the United States of America

Hi sir

Happy 2021 to you and the great nation of America

When a nation has decided, it has to happen, American as a new nation, or Iranian as an old nation.

I think your tactical alliance, with the Persian Gulf countries, is going to misguide the American constant and strategic foreign policy these days.

The Iran plateau is the birthplace of ancient Iran and Iranian cultural and historical entity, and we cannot wait and see, what is going on, in this region, or some kind of terrorist ideology, like ISIS capture, and change this region’s social construction, by genocide others (the Kurds as an Old Iranian people …).

On the other hand, every Iranian government, regardless of their ideology, have to, and cannot refuse to monitor what is going on, in this region.

So when you emphasize the Iranian activities in our region, to stop it, you should be more rational.

I want to notice you that regardless of some Iraqis, that speak Arabic now, actually they were Arabized by invaders,

So when you and the world speak of Iran’s foreign policy, should consider such a great history, that is behind, and our historic capability and legacy, to establish peace and prosperity during the existence of this old civilization.

So please have a look, to your government policy toward Iran again,

At the Beginning of 2021 and the end of the first term of your presidency, I hope calm and good memory, for American and the world.

Mostafa Mostafavi

01 January 2021

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