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Bajrang Dal activist


Dr. Subhash Reddy from India left a reason for my M.A academic thesis “Globalisation and Hindu Radicalism in India” with this doubts, questions, and uncertainty:

Dear Mr. Seyed Mostafa,

Thank you for sharing your Thesis paper. You have rightly recognized that Hinduism beieves in equality of all religions but you have not admitted what Islam and Christianity stand for? Does Islam and or Christianity believe in equality of all religions? Isn't it true that the two Abrahamic religions do not believe in equality of all religions? They also discriminate between people of the book and others (of other religions) and call them as pagan and kafir? Who are Dhimmi? And what is Jiziya?

Doesn't History document that it is Islam which invaded the Indian subcontinent; Hinduism did not! And you still claim that atrocities were committed by Hindus against Muslims in India? Who invaded and who were enslaved and subjugated. After all, Persia itself was invaded by Islam. Islam is not the native religion of Iran, isn't it? What did Islam do to the native Zorastrians? Didn't India give shelter to your ancestors?
Subhash Reddy, Ph.D.


As a response to these questions, I write to him as it came below :


Dear Dr. Subhash Reddy    

Namaskar ji, Adaab,   

Bahut dhanyavad mera addipak, aap ki meharbani ka, likhne ke liya se,   

As one of your students, a Non-English writer… first of all, I want to request forgiveness, for any probable mistakes in my reply, to your kind comments.   

As you know, my thesis is an academic text, so I tried all the best to put my belief aside, and then start to write, without any biases, prejudices.    

This is of my beliefs, one world, One God (one God, with so many names and deferent perspective about), so base on this basic platform of supposed, I want to say that, almost all religions rise and fountain from a one core source.  

But during human searching process for the truth, the religions came with just deference in the time and place of their rising, so in this regard, I canister, there is no difference in Islam, Christion, Judaism, Zoroastrian, Hindu ... in advance, and this is of you, to find, which one more reliable, or more right to choose. 

But when time is going on, and new version of people is coming, they were thinking that it is their obligations and duties, to do and think in somehow to catch and hook the best, in the service and favor of the God that they think is right one, and of course, it is the God, which they believe in, and they defined it as, just the real God; 

 The God who defined for themselves, consider basically and theatrically, the best one, which obviously, may not be the truth with others, definitely.  

The problem will come up here, so they ignore others, and they think that “all the truth is here, with us”, “pure truth is here with me” in this kind of believes conception, they put himself as the truth, and metric measure of finding and evaluation of the truth, that there is nothing out of their religion, and their conception of God.   

I believe that nobody can say “all is with me”, God separate goodness and truth among all humanity, less or more.   

The religions or beliefs, which bring more humankind morality, wellness, prosperity, felicity, well-being, fortune, welfare… is more trustful and good, than others, this is the metric measure for knowing, which one of them, is more correct than others,  

All religions have to come, to help humanity, live like a human, as the God, our creator expects us to be as a human (not as wild animal), so as a Muslim I think my religion is the best, when it can to make an environment or atmosphere of human wellness, more than others, and you as Hindu should think the same…,  

I believe that humanity should put himself in a kind of competition, among religions or believes followers, in regard to make a culture and society, which in that, all live in human morality and characters which human, animal or nature can live in peace and satisfaction, more friendlily; environment and all who live in, feel less aggression. 

This religion or belief and ideology is more reliable and acceptable, to make human as a human not like a mail animal which wants to bring everything under his control. Humanity is far from animal life, and it should make human with a stance from animal life, the ideology which has this character is nearer to the God purpose, who sent us, messengers for lead us to this position, 

Without this, there is no deferent between the people who know himself as Muslim, Hindu, Judaism… the ideology which rides on the sword to be on top, is wrong, with all the names that, it takes shelter behind, 

And I think, when we (as intellectuals) are speaking about thought, idea…, we should put this idea away from that, this idea or thought is native or foreign, all the human came from the couple, and the same source of the original genome, and the political border, racial diversity… shouldn’t separate us as a result, so every thought, idea… is human’s heritage and legacy, thus it belongs to all, it is not one’s properties, so human’s thought which is the foundation of all ideas and ideology, is free of borders and boundaries, it is human legacy. 

And we have to have freedom, to choose one of them. 

I’m not in the position to say what happened in the past, and what is going on in the hand of fundamental religious people now, and what they will do in future because every religion and ideology have dark points in its history, that is shameful for every it’s moderate followers,  

As I am full of shame, when you refer me to ISIS’ behaves, and likewise; maybe you have the same feeling about RSS behaves and likewise, both of them, use peaceful thought and religious sentiment against minorities, as ISIS butcher minorities, all around the Islamic world, RSS did it all around Hindu world, it is two sides of one coin, don’t worry my brother! Zionist did is the same in Palestine, fundamental Christians did it the same in Bosnia, and fundamental Buddhist did it in Burma…, 

But dear Dr. Reddy! World history is full of a felony, crime, offense by world criminals, but the important is, which positron we will take in our society, we are against or opposite of such brutal thought or behaves, or in favor of them, this is important. 

And Dear Brother Dr. Subhash Reddy! 

As RSS, Bajrang Dal … are not equal with Hinduism and Hindu, 

ISIS… is not equal with Islam and Muslim,  

And fundamental Buddhist, Jewish, Christion, are not equal with Buddhism, Judaism, and Christian… 

Butcher of innocent people, in the name of every religion, or ideology is criminal and condemned, in this regard, I think intellectuals of every community should put their national biases and take aside with minorities, and of course, minorities should be aware of their right and limitation also. 

And of course, I (as an Iranian) am thankful, of saving my ancestors and culture in your land,        

Yours sincerely  

Thanks a lot 

Seyed Mostafa Mostafavi (M.A Indian Studies)  

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